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Top Quality Himalayan Kittens & Baby Doll Face Persian Kittens!

Persian and Himalayan kittens raised for exceptional health, beauty, and playful, outgoing purrsonalities!! Our focus being Chocolates and Lilacs in the Himalayan and Solid Persian varieties. And to produce well socialized, family raised kittens with outstanding personalities and just the right look!

Himalayan Kitten
Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten

Wonderfluf kittens are known for their large jewel eyes, sweet baby doll faces, and super fluffy coats. Creating the cutest, most loving pets you will find anywhere! Our Persian and Himalayan kittens get along well with children and other pet animals so they make a perfect fit for most family homes. They are very intelligent cats that crave attention and love to be played with and groomed. Please note that their extra long and silky soft fur does require for them to be brushed often if you choose to keep their fur long.

solid chocolate persian kitten
Doll Face Chocolate Persian Kitten

Wonderfluf is our registered cattery name with CFA the worlds largest and most respected registry of purebred cats. Visit the CFA website
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The type of kittens we produce are what's know as the Doll Face Persians. This means that the kitten's face is not so flat and pushed in as an extreme, flat faced Persian. Although I think both looks- flat faced extreme, and doll faced traditional are adorable, we just prefer the doll faced look. Himalayan kittens are the same breed as Persians, just a different color variation as they have blue eyes and darker point coloration.

himalayan kitten
Gorgeous Dollface Himalayan Kitten

We offer only a few kittens for sale each year, as we are an 'underfoot' cattery. Our breedings are carefully planned so that we can have time to thoroughly enjoy each new litter as they come. Every one of our babies is very special to us. They are our beloved pets and so must be placed in loving and forever homes.

Every breeding cat here at Wonderfluf is DNA PKD tested negative, FELV/FIV negative and we have no ringworm! We offer a one year health guarantee for all kittens.

lilac persian
Lilac Persian Kitten

Our Persian and Himalayan kittens are raised here in our home with our two children as members of our family. It is such a wonderful experience for us to have the babies in our house. Every new litter is a joy to behold! I can't tell you how much fun we have getting to play with the kittens everyday and watch how each one grows and develops their personalities in his/her own special way.

Congratulations to Wonderfluf Sassy!!
Sassy made her debut television appearance on Disney Channel's "Charlie & Lola" show.
We are very proud of her!!
white persian kitten

Sassy is now a retired breeder and is living in Florida.

We have had so many requests from people all over the world seeking the Chocolate and Lilac 'Teddy Bear' Persians. And so we have focused our breeding program to produce these favorite and rarest colors!
In hopes of many beautiful Teddy Bear Babies!!! Introducing . . .

Honiholo's 'Teddy Bear' of Wonderfluf
Chocolate Persian

chocolate persian, doll face chocolate
Teddy is the sweetest, most loving cat you can imagine and we are very happy to have him as our stud breeder.

We do hope you enjoy your visit and come back often to see our newest pictures.

doll faced persian kittens for sale

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Wonderfluf cattery. Healthy, Happy Doll Face Himalayan & Persian kittens for sale. Specializing in the chocolate and lilac solid and pointed varieties available to approved homes. Located in Nebraska. Our newborn kittens are beautiful little fluff balls. Every baby comes with written health guarantee in our contract and have their immunizations and vet checkup. As a breeder, I strive to produce kittens for sale that will give their new owners years of companionship and love. We look forward to having pictures sent back to us over the years to come. The chocolate and lilac Persian colors are beautiful and very rare kittens.

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