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Wonderfluf Bicolor Himalayan Kittens

Doll Faced Seal Bicolor Himalayan Kitten

The Bicolor Himalayan is a new beautiful color class we are working with here at Wonderfluf.
Now, the stunning beauty of the Bicolor Persians patched coat is combined with those gorgeous blue eyes of the Himalayans. Yes! You can now have a blue eyed Bicolor!

This is a Flame Point Bicolor Himalayan Kitten
Bicolor Himalayan

bicolor Himalayan, Doll face Bicolor Himalayan kittenbicolor Himalayan, Doll face Bicolor Himalayan kitten

Here we have a gorgeous Seal Point Bicolor Himalayans. Notice as with all bicolors, how each kitten is uniquely marked. No two kittens will ever be exactly the same.

Seal Point Bicolor Himalayan kittenBicolor Himalayan Kitten

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*Please note- This page is to show you the type of kittens we've produced here at Wonderfluf. Visit our Kittens Page to see Bicolor Himalayan Kittens that we have available.*

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