Chocolate Point Himalayan Kittens

chocolate point himalayan kittens

Did you know that Himalayans are the same breed as a Persian? Although Himalayans were originally developed by breeding Persians to Siamese to produce long hair, pointed cats. In 1984 CFA combined the Himalayan and Persian breeds, making the Himalayan a new color division of the Persian breed. Himalayans as well as Persians with Himalayan ancestry will always have a CFA registration number starting in the 3000's.

Baby Doll face kittenChocolate Point Himalayan

The Chocolate Point Himalayan has always been my favorite Persian color.
The deep contrast of those milky chocolate points and the beautiful blue eyes is just breathtaking! Most of our breeder cats carry chocolate and points so we enjoy having this rare and beautiful color often.

blue eyes kitten
Gorgeous Blue Eyes!

Himalayans have a fur coat that is long, thick and amazingly powder soft. We strive to breed for the silky soft coat that tangles less and is much easier to manage than a more cottony coat. Most of our kittens are very adapt at grooming themselves and like to keep very clean. However, they do require regular brushing and baths on occasion.

You can find more information about how to properly groom and care for your new Wonderfluf Kitten by reading this page.

We work with every kitten to help them learn to not only tolerate, but enjoy their groomings and baths. They will be very used to being handled, bathed, and groomed before leaving our cattery. This is so important as the kitten ages so that you will easily be able to keep up with their grooming. If an adult cat is not trained this way and used to being kept clean and brushed it could lead to big problems in the future!

Beautiful Little Princess!

Himalayans have eight points. The points are the darker colored areas that fall on the ears, legs and feet, tail, and face. The dark area on their face is called the mask. The points show the basic color of the cat. The body is a much lighter color with a sharp contrast between the body color and points color. Older cats may often have a subtle shading of the body.

chocolate point himalayan kitten
( I'm not fat I'm just fluffy! )

Chocolate Point Himalayans have an ivory colored body, Milk-chocolate colored points, that are warm in tone and Cinnamon pink nose leather and paw pads.

Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten

Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten
Pictured at 6 weeks old
chocolate point himalayan kittenDoll Face

Did you know that all Himalayans are born white?

As they grow their points and mask slowly begin to show and they darken as they grow up. Here is a close up of a tiny Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten, the paw pads are pink that shows a true chocolate point.

newborn chocolate point Himalayan

Wonderfluf is a PKD tested Cattery!!!

*Any Chocolate Point Himalayan Kittens available for sale will be placed on our Kittens Page. If you do not see any there, we still may have some coming available soon, it is a good idea to get on our waiting list, as our Himalayan kittens tend to be reserved very fast.*

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