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Himalayans are what's known in the cat world as pointed Persians. Himalayans are the same breed as a Persian but they have a light colored body and darker points on the ears, legs and feet, tail, and face. Along with that they have pretty blue eyes.

Lilac and White Himalayan Kitten
Lilac Point himalayan kitten

The body of a lilac point is a much lighter color than the seal points or chocolate points. Lilac Point Himalayans are much sought after and can be hard to come by as both the mother and father not only must carry the chocolate gene but also dilute.

Lilac Point
Lilac Points are born pure white
At about 2 weeks when their eyes have opened you can just begin to see the lilac color on their ears.At three weeks you can now a little see color on all the points.

lilac point kittenpink nose

One look at the pink nose and you can easily distinguish a lilac point from a blue point.

doll face lilac point, lilac point himalayan
As the kitten grows, the body remains a glacial white.

adult female lilac point
Older cats may often have a subtle shading of the body but should remain much lighter in coat than a blue point.

All of our cats and kittens are purebred and registered through CFA. According to the CFA standards, Lilac Point Himalayans should have a glacial white body. Frosty grey colored points, with pinkish tone. Lavender pink nose leather and paw pads. And deep vivid blue eye color.

lilac point himalayan

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