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seal point himalayan kittens

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Seal point himalayan

Himalayans are what's known in the cat world as pointed Persians.

Himalayans are the same breed as a Persian but they have unique pointed color patterns and blue eyes. They tend to be very loyal companions and show much affection to their owners. Playful and attentive, even as adults, while having a gentle easygoing nature. Himalayans get along well with children and other pet animals so they make a perfect fit for most family homes.

Himalayan cats have eight points. The points are the darker colored and located on the face (Also called their mask), their ears, feet, and tail. The body color is much lighter than the points.
Seal Point Himalayans should have an even pale fawn to cream body, warm in tone, that shades gradually into lighter color on the stomach and chest. Deep seal brown colored points and seal brown nose leather and paw pads with deep blue eye color.

In Seal Point Himalayans, the body color can range from cream to tan to even brown. We strive for the cream colored body because it creates such a striking contrast to the points for a gorgeous overall appearance. I have seen seal points with a very dark brown body, and although they are still pretty cats, I much prefer those with lighter body shading.

*Chocolate Points have an even lighter body color and they have pink paw pads.*

Seal Point Himalayan Kitten
Seal Point Himalayan

Seal Points are the most popular and common color of the Himalayans. They are born with blue eyes and their eyes remain blue as they grow up.

Seal Point kitten

All of our Persian & Himalayan cats and kittens are purebred CFA registered.

The type of kittens we produce are what's know as the Doll Face Persians. This means that the kitten's face is not so flat and pushed in as an extreme, flat faced Persian. The nose will be longer and most vets suggest that this allows the cat to breath much easier. And due to the nasal passages being longer, they are less prone to eye drainage problems. Although I think both looks- flat faced extreme, and doll faced traditional are adorable, we just prefer the doll faced look.

***note, seals will often have pinkish paw pads if there is a lot of chocolate in those lines. This can easily fool the untrained eye and results in many seal points being registered as chocolates.

Here is a perfect example . . . Is it a Chocolate or a Seal Point Himalayan?

Is this a chocolate or a seal point?

Pretty Blue Eyed Himalayan Kitten
Doll face himalayan
As with all our Himalayans, we strive for the beautiful blue eye color!
The eye color can range from deep blue to sky blue

This is what an adult Seal Point looks like.

seal point female
Wonderfluf is a PKD tested Cattery!!!

*Please note- these kittens are not available for adoption. This page is to show you the type of kittens we've produced here at Wonderfluf. Visit our Kittens Page to see Persian & Himalayan Kittens that we have available.*

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