Shaded Silver Persian Kittens - Chinchilla Persian Kittens For Sale

Silver Persian Kittens

Please note, we are no longer breeding the Silver and Chinchilla Persians here at Wonderfluf. I think both the Silver and Chinchilla colors are cute, but it seems that hardly anyone wants to adopt them! I guess it just depends what is popular at any given time and how many breeders are working with that particular color. We cannot justify breeding a kitten that will sit on our available page for weeks on end before someone will ask for them. Especially when the more popular colors of kitttens are often grabbed up within hours of their pictures being posted. Maybe someday in the future they will be 'in fashion' again and people will seek to adopt silvers. But for now, no more silvers here.

doll face silver persian kitten
Silver Persian Kitten

Shaded Silver Persian Kittens and Chinchilla Persian Kittens are charming with their purrfect doll faces and chubby cheeks. They have large emerald green eyes rimmed with black eye liner called 'mascara'. This trait is unique to this type of cat and sets them apart from all other Persians. All Silver Persians are born very dark and lighten in color as they grow.

silver persian kitten
Silver Persian Kitten

shaded silver persian kitten
Shaded Silver Persian Kitten

Silvers have green or blue-green eyes rimmed with black, black paw pads and rose nose leather. Chinchilla Silvers are sparkling white and Shaded Silvers are white and show a bit of black tipping on their back and down their sides, they are a bit darker than the Chinchillas.

Shaded Silver Persian
Shaded Silver Persian Kitten

*Please note, these photos are of our previously placed Silver Persian Kittens. These kittens are not available for sale.

Visit Pandecats Gallery to see some beautiful photos of Silver Persian cats and kittens.

Learn more about the history of Silver Persians on this CFA Breed Article, and this interesting chapter from "The Book Of The Cat" by Frances Simpson, written in 1903 Chapter XII. Silver Or Chinchilla Persians which contains some very old and interesting pictures.

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