White Persian Kittens

white persian kitten

White Persian kittens have a long standing history of being a very popular Persian cat color! Persians are one of the oldest breeds of cats known to man.

White Persian kittens are highly coveted because of their natural beauty and sweet temperaments. Here at Wonderfluf we have been breeding CFA White Persian Kittens for many years. We strive to produce white Persians with a soft silky coat that is easier to maintain because it does not stain and mat as easily as the cotton coats. We also love the look of the baby doll face with chubby cheeks and a nice round, cobby body. Our cats and kittens have a naturally sweet temperament, loving to be petted, groomed and held. More than just a pretty look, they will surprise you by how intelligent and well mannered they really are. Often seeking the attention and affection of their owners but also able to find ways to independently occupy themselves. They get along well with pets and children and will readily adapt to new surroundings.
white persian kitten Doll Face White Kitten
If you are looking for a blue eyed white Persian Kitten, please note that All White Persian Kittens are born with blue eyes, but as they grow their eyes can either change to copper or remain blue. Some white kittens can even have one copper eye and one blue eye! Blue eyed Persians will sometimes be deaf, but the copper eyed Persians will have sound hearing as well as the odd eyed Persians, at least on the side of their copper eye. White kittens will always have pink paw pads and noses.

White kittens must always have at least one white parent. This color cannot skip a generation. However, a white sire or dam may produce colors other than white, depending on the color genes they carry. It is interesting to note that most white kittens will have a spot of color on the top of their head. This spot will tell you the color gene the kitten is carrying. If the spot is blue, then you would say this cat is 'masking' blue. The spot will fade and disappear as the cat grows it's adult coat and sheds it's kitten coat.

fluffy kitten

We strive for beautiful, silky white coats! Breeding for Health and Loving Personalities, is very important to us.

doll face kittenDoll Face Persian Kitten

Beautiful White Persian Kitten "Sassy"
White Persian Kittens

This Wonderfluf White Persian appeared on Disney Channel! Her name is 'Sassy' and she is all grown up now. You can see more pictures of Sassy on our breeders page. She is masking 'tortie' and carries chocolate, so she can have many different colors of kittens.

*Check our kittens page to see if we have any White Persian Kittens available for adoption. If you do not see any there, we still may have some coming available soon, it is a good idea to get on our waiting list, as our whites tend to be reserved very fast.*

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