Wonderfluf Doll Face Persian and Himalayan Kittens

doll face Himalayan Persian
Wonderfluf Kittens are 100% Health guaranteed, Vet checked and the CUTEST you will find anywhere!! We are a PKD tested negative cattery

When you adopt a Wonderfluf kitten you are getting a kitten that has been handled from birth to be exceptionally well socialized, playful and gentle. We strive for quality of our Persians and Himalayans, not quantity! When you join our waiting list be assured that you will get a kitten who has been extremely spoiled, loved and cared for from day one. We can only do this by keeping our cattery small.

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We fly with Continental Pet Safe Program!

Current shipping cost from our airport OMA to major airports
throughout the US and Canada is $400* this includes :

New airline approved travel carrier
Bedding and food & water containers
USDA Health certificate
Any extra needed vaccinations for travel
Transport to OMA airport

Delivery of kitten- mileage ask for quote

*In certain cases additional fees may apply

*Please note that this is the ONLY web site that offers Wonderfluf Kittens for sale. People have stolen our pictures and posted them on classified ads. Be sure to ONLY buy from www.wonderfluf.com for your safety!*

Bringing your new kitten home . . .

Our guarantee to you . . .
What to look for when buying a kitten

Information about airline shipping

Bicolor Persian

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Wonderfluf Kittens- Rainbow of Colors:

Bicolor Himalayans : Black Persian : Black & White Persian : Blue Persian : Blue & White Persian : Blue Eyed White Persian : Calico Persian : Chinchilla Silver Persian : Chocolate Persian : Chocolate Point Himalayan : Cream Persian : Flame Point Himalayan : Lilac Persian : Lilac Point Himalayan : Red Persian : Red & White Persian : Seal Point Himalayan : Shaded Silver Persian : Tortoiseshell (Tortie) Persian : White Persian

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