Himalayan & Persian Kittens

Wonderfluf doll face Persian Himalayans

Doll Face Himalayan & Persian Kittens available for adoption from Wonderfluf, a small in home cattery.
We specialize in the traditional baby Dollface Persians. Our beautiful Himalayan and Persian kittens are family raised right here in our home with every bit the love and attention they deserve! Our babies are handled daily from birth and played with constantly so they are extra well socialized to become loving family additions!
Our kittens are litter and scratch post trained, and are used to being bathed and groomed. Every baby comes with a written health guarantee and will have their shots and vet checkup. If you are interested in breeding or purchasing breeding rights, please contact us for complete details.

*** Wonderfluf provides a full year Health Guarantee for all kittens.***

Wonderfluf is our registered cattery name with CFA
the worlds largest and most respected registry of purebred cats.
cat breeders cat fanciers association

We are 100% PKD tested negative cattery

If you are interested in adopting any kitten from this page please fill out our online kitten adoption application.
We do ask first that you take a few minutes of your time to look through the content we have here
on our website before you call. We do our best to provide as much information as we can about our
Persians and Himalayans and try and answer as many of the questions that you may have.

> > > New Baby Kittens Teddy X Buttercup 6/4/14 < < <
-Pics taken 7/15/2014-

Himalayan persian
Major Tom

Available $1200

Bicolor Himalayan Boy

Apply Here

lilac dollface persian lilac dollface persian

black white persian kitten

-Reserved for Judith-

Black White Boy

Apply Here

bicolor persian kitten bicolor black & white

black white persian kitten

-Available $800-

Smoke Black Boy

Apply Here

bicolor persian kitten bicolor black & white

chocolate white persian kitten

Available $1000

Chocolate Bicolor Girl

Apply Here

bicolor persian kitten bicolor black & white

calico kitten

Reserved for Christopher

Chocolate Calico Girl

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calico kitten calico persian
* Please note that this is the ONLY website that offers Wonderfluf Kittens for sale. People have stolen our pictures and posted them on their websites as if they were their own kittens! Wonderfluf Cattery is located in Nebraska and does not have any affiliation with any other cattery. Be sure to ONLY purchase from www.Wonderfluf.com for your safety!!

From time to time we may have a retired breeder cat available to be adopted. These kitties have made their contribution to our breeding program, and are ready to move on to a loving home where they can live their life as a treasured companion pet. If you may be interested in adopting a retired adult, please fill out our application and let us know.

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Click the links below to see examples of the wide variety of colors of Wonderfluf kittens.
* Please note, these babies are not available for adoption, these pages are to show the type of kittens we produce.*

Wonderfluf Rainbow of Colors
Bicolor Himalayans : Black Persian Kitten : Black & White Persian Kittens : Blue Persian : Blue & White Persian : Blue Eyed White Persian : Calico Persian : Chinchilla Silver Persian : Chocolate Persian : Chocolate Point Himalayan : Cream Persian : Flame Point Himalayan Kitten : Lilac Persian Kittens : Lilac Point Himalayan Kittens : Red Persian : Red & White Persian : Seal Point Himalayan : Shaded Silver Persian : Tortoiseshell (Tortie) Persian : White Persian Kittens

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Wonderfluf Cattery is a small in home cattery producing Top Quality Doll face Himalayan and Persian kittens for sale here in Nebraska. As breeders, we strive to produce kittens that will give their new owners years of companionship and love. Visit often to see our newest kitten pictures.

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